The Biggest Bang Page

You can aim at weird for sure... weird creature designs for example of making your art unique and different...! some people say my art is unique and different... (specially the reviews for the BANG books were awesomely warm... ) but you need some good and deep reasons to base all the weirdness!


Augusta Wind Page

We have to admit comics require the minimum of drawing skills... for sure it s not as demanding as painting or drawing (and again depending on what you aim for). Storytelling though is a natural talent that you either have it or not and totally a different deal. I m not surprised many people draw comics there is a plethora of comics artists... but trying to take it on another level is a different deal! : )


once upon a pal Sam Kieth asked me to do a book with him titled Nola. After I did tons of art, concept art and sketches I agreed it would be better if Sam drew the book himself...I m still a huge fan and admirer of his work! Here is a page from that work and period...