Swamp Thing

When I did my first trip to USA and that was 2006...(huh???) I met the great Karen Berger then editor of Vertigo... and also tried to send some Swamp Thing samples... I did my best (then) to make a different Swamp Thing...! The samples are so different than my current work... hmmm....


The Bigger Bang

and now.. for something completely different. Has anyone seen this great doc? The Death Of Superman Lives What Happened? The great Jon Schnepp who directed it had read and liked The Bigger Bang which I co created along with my pal D.J. Kirkbride... he was interested to make an animated TV feature of the book. Schnepp had a background in animation and the doc is a proof he liked space stuff!



Unpublished illustration originally commissioned for a children's book back in 1997. The publisher rejected the illustrations as too wild for the book. A friend designer described it as out from an MTV music video. I took them as compliments then....

doll 1.jpg
doll 2.jpg
doll 3.jpg