The Bigger Bang

And then there is The Bigger Bang! Everything started with me asking D.J. Kirkbride to create a superhero comic with me. Every piece fell into the right place and we got the green light almost immediately! Everything happened so FAST! The book was a success especially critical wise. Like best comic of 2015 lists... and reviews like "Vassilis Gogtzilas is a madman. His art is stunning: reading it, I felt like I was just seeing Bill Sienkiewicz or Sam Keith for the first time. I just scrolled through every page muttering “oh man” to myself. The painted artwork is stunning to look at: so well crafted, but at the same time exaggerated like the most ridiculous comic art is."...

Vassilis Gogtzilas

Comic book artist, illustrator and painter. Artist on the Adventures Of Augusta Wind written by J.M.deMatteis and published from IDW Publishing. Creator of the independent comic book series Misery City from Markosia. His illustration work is presented in TASCHEN's Illustration Now Vol.2.