The Bigger Bang Reviews

Kurt Vonnegut by way of Jack Kirby

By Mark on June 22, 2015

This is one of my favorite miniseries to come out this year. This is the story of a cosmic superhero that is treated as a harbinger of doom by nearly every life he saves but never loses the will to help. There's a strong sense of melancholy and a bright sense of humor that grounds this book even as the cosmic weirdness ratchets up. DJ Kirkbride has a real gift for writing relatable and hilarious characters but he moves outside of his comfort zone here to deliver a story with the more epic scale that outer space necessitates. Vassilis Gogtzilas handles the art on this book and his work is just as expressive as the writing with these very loose, powerful figures that are just bursting with energy. The book wouldn't be half of what it is without Gogtzilas' imaginative, wonderfully constructed pages. Give it a whirl and I can almost guarantee that you'll find something that will stick with you.

The Bigger Bang has powerful writing and iconic artwork. ...

By P. Katz on June 22, 2015

The Bigger Bang has powerful writing and iconic artwork. Look forward to checking out more work from this team.