This is a nice habit the last years. I have a digital camera and of course my mobile phone with me all the time and when I look something close to my sensibilities like urban themes I capture it. Here are a few recent ones.

2014-01-28 11.14.15 αντίγραφο.jpg
2014-01-28 11.14.45 αντίγραφο.jpg
2014-01-28 11.15.52 αντίγραφο.jpg
2014-01-28 11.16.04 αντίγραφο.jpg
2014-01-28 11.17.15 αντίγραφο.jpg
2014-01-28 11.42.29 αντίγραφο.jpg

Vassilis Gogtzilas

Comic book artist, illustrator and painter. Artist on the Adventures Of Augusta Wind written by J.M.deMatteis and published from IDW Publishing. Creator of the independent comic book series Misery City from Markosia. His illustration work is presented in TASCHEN's Illustration Now Vol.2.